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Lockerley Estate, twinned with Preston Farms, is a 2,000 hectare estate in Hampshire.  Our mission is to be a progressive, regenerative and successful farming business, that champions an approach to agriculture where biodiversity, the soil and the wellbeing of its community and future generations is at the heart of what we do.

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Recent media featuring Lockerley Estate

Financial Times

Financial Times

By nurturing crops on a plant by plant basis, new technology can cut chemical use & boost yields

National Food Strategy

National Food Strategy - The Plan

Lockerley Estate is featured as a case study for Regenerative Farming on page 109


The Guardian

Killer farm robot dispatches weeds with electric bolts at Lockerley Estate

Crop Protection Magazine

Crop Protection Magazine

Climate Change Champions – Lockerley Estate is nominated for our respect for the soil


The Times

From AI farming to fake meat, it’s a revolution in British food

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